Pinchas- Zealots for Peace

Parshat Pinchas continues the narrative of the previous sedrah, where a Jewish prince and Midianite princess had begun sinning in front of the entire nation and a terrible plague begins to ravage the Jews. The Jewish leaders are at a loss for what to do- the passuk says all they could do is “והמה בוכים פתח אוהל מועד– and they […]

Pinchas- Zealots for a Cause

This week’s פרשה contains two of the most famous stories of zealotry in the entire Pentateuch, however one is more obvious than the other. At the beginning, Pinchas ben Elazar ben Aharon Hakohen is commended for his zealotry earlier in the פרק where he killed Zimri and Cazby as they openly desecrated G-d’s name in […]