Shelach- Specialized Scrutiny

Printer-friendly PDF version SPECIALIZED SCRUTINY This week’s פרשה is centered around one of the Jewish People’s biggest transgressions during their time in the wilderness- the sin of the spies (חטא המרגלים), where משה, questionably by G-d’s command, sends twelve spies into Eretz Canaan “לראות את הארץ מה היא- to see what the land is like.” […]

Behar/Bechukotai- A Land of Loyalty

Click here for printer-friendly PDF version A LAND OF LOYALTY Based on a d’var torah by Rav Chaim Jachter, a rebbe of mine and author of the Gray Matter series Parshat Bechukotai features quite possibly one of the scariest parts of the entire Chumash; the תוכחה (admonition), where the Jewish Nation is warned of what […]

Parshat Vayigash- Nefarious Shepherds of the Nations

For Printer-Friendly Version, Click Here This week’s d’var torah is dedicated in commemoration of the recent yahrtzeit of my great-grandmother Henrietta Brueckheimer, רחל בת יששכר ע”ה. (וייטב בעיני פרעה ובעיני עבדיו” (מ”ה:ט”ז” At the beginning of this week’s פרשה, after יהודה’s climactic confrontation with יוסף, Yosef finally reveals his identity to his brothers, and the […]