Behar/Bechukotai- A Land of Loyalty

Click here for printer-friendly PDF version A LAND OF LOYALTY Based on a d’var torah by Rav Chaim Jachter, a rebbe of mine and author of the Gray Matter series Parshat Bechukotai features quite possibly one of the scariest parts of the entire Chumash; the תוכחה (admonition), where the Jewish Nation is warned of what […]

Parshat Toldot- The Price of Success

Printer-friendly version:Toldot73 (ויגדל האיש… ויקנאו אתו פלשתים” (בראשית כ”ו: י”ג-י”ד” In this week’s פרשה, our forebear יצחק faces a situation that both his father אברהם faced and his son יעקב will also face- a famine in ארץ כנען. However, unlike  his father, יצחק is told to stay in Canaan and not go down to Egypt […]