Toldot- Fighting with the “Hands of Esav”

פרשת תולדות opens with a description of Rivka’s troubled pregnancy. At the conflicted reactions of her prenatal children (see Rashi/Midrash on passing houses of study and idol worship), our second matriarch seeks out divine guidance: ויֹּאמֶר ה’ לָהּ, שְׁנֵי גֹיִים בְּבִטְנֵךְ, וּשְׁנֵי לְאֻמִּים, מִמֵּעַיִךְ יִפָּרֵדוּ; וּלְאֹם מִלְאֹם יֶאֱמָץ, וְרַב יַעֲבֹד צָעִיר And G-d said to […]

Parshat Chaye Sara- A True Achuzat Olam

Printer-friendly version:ChayeSara73 (וישקל אברהם לעפרן את הכסף… ארבע מאות שקל כסף עובר לסוחר” (בראשית כ”ג:ט”ז” At the beginning of this week’s parsha, Avraham Avinu, upon the passing of his wife Sara, begins to search out a burial place for her. He approaches the בני חת, who direct him towards Efron. אברהם then begins to haggle […]