Shemot- Suffering from Submissiveness

As we begin Sefer Shemot, we find the Jewish people at a spiritual and physical low. The Egyptians, having lost their economy to a famine, start a long-lasting precedent of blaming the Jews, and they enslave their neighbors in the service of the country. Then, Paroah, the king of Egypt, hatches a plan to break the […]

Parshat Bo- A Little White Lie from Up Hight?

Printer-friendly version Throughout the Ten Plagues and the beginning of the Jewish People’s exodus from Egypt, there is one seemingly reasonable request that Moshe consistently makes of פרעה every single time they encounter each other: “נלכה נא דרך שלשת ימים במדבר ונזבחה לה’ אלקנו-Let us travel a three day journey into the desert and bring offerings to […]