Parshat Beshalach- A Dive of Faith

Printer-Friendly Version Part of this week’s d’var torah features a slightly controversial view of Anti-Zionism (specifically Satmar Chasidism) based on a teaching by Rav Yissachar Teichtel in “Em Habanim Semecha.” This was not written to offend anyone’s religious or political beliefs and leanings, but just as a different perspective on a specific sect of Judiasm through the […]

Parshat Bo- A Little White Lie from Up Hight?

Printer-friendly version Throughout the Ten Plagues and the beginning of the Jewish People’s exodus from Egypt, there is one seemingly reasonable request that Moshe consistently makes of פרעה every single time they encounter each other: “נלכה נא דרך שלשת ימים במדבר ונזבחה לה’ אלקנו-Let us travel a three day journey into the desert and bring offerings to […]

Parshat Va’era- The Five Geulot?

Printer-Friendly Version: Vaera 73 (‘והבאתי אתכם אל הארץ” (ו’:ח” Reading פרשת וארא, a סדרה filled with a lot of interesting stories including the first seven מכות that Hashem smote onto Egypt and other miracles, we very often forget about a very interesting revelation at the beginning of the פרשה,  one which has huge implications for the […]