Chaye Sara- Ensuring the Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

This week’s סדרה opens up with Sarah’s death and a lengthy description of Avraham’s acquiring of מערת המכפלה as a burial ground for her and future generations of Jews. In continuing with פרשת חיי שרה’s theme of life cycle events, Avraham sends his trusted servant Eliezer to find a wife for his son Yitzchak, in […]

Parshat Miketz/Chanukah- Modern Maccabees

This week’s פרשה opens with פרעה dreaming some bad dreams which no one could interpret. The שר המשקים, realizing that he knows someone who could interpret פרעה’s dream, begins a reluctant, long-winded explanation of how he came to know יוסף, culminating in his unflattering description of a “נער עברי.” Rashi, cursing the wicked who cannot […]