Naso- Apart, Yet Together

In this week’s פרשה, we learn of the הלכות of נזירות, where a man can voluntarily abstain from several physical pleasures, including drinking wine or other grape products, cutting his hair, and more spiritual abstentions like becoming טמא מת. There is a lot of debate amongst the מפורשים on whether becoming a נזיר is good […]

Parshat Bemidbar- The Awkward In-Between Stage of our Redemption

This week, we begin reading the fourth book of the חמישה חומשי תורה; Sefer Bemidbar, called “Numbers” in English. Naming our sefer ‘Numbers’ makes sense on a basic level because most of our פרשה and many subsequent פרשיות contain censes of the Jewish People. But why would our ספר be given such a vague name […]

Parshat Ki Tisa/Para- A Strong Spirited People

Printer-friendly version: KiTisa73 (כי עם קשה עורף הוא וסלחת לעוננו ולחטאתנו ונחלתנו”  (שמות ל”ד:ט” This week’s פרשה centers around one of the Jewish People’s greatest fallings- the חטא העגל. There are some מפרשים who believe that had בני ישראל not committed the Sin of the Golden Calf, משה would have descended from the mountain with the […]