Defying Discrimination- Protesting Injustice & Parshat Vayigash

This past week, the P5+1 committee, consisting of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China, and France, reached an interim nuclear agreement with Iran. This deal was very revolutionary in what it actually demanded from Iran, very minimal nuclear compliance rules, in order to drop its crippling sanctions on the radical Islamic regime. While this deal is pretty frightening for myself and those who are in range of nuclear warheads of the country which swore to “wipe us off the map,” there is also an air of disappointment around the deal. An “easy out” of this magnitude seems very against the ideals of both the United Nations and the American government- the former’s objectives include global security and human rights (both of which are very much enforced on the Israel/Palestine stage), and the latter’s theoretically staunch “we do not negotiate with terrorists” policy.  As we complete our annual celebration of spiritual salvation from the Greeks, we have a much scarier threat on our hands- physical annihilation by the Persians, whose ancestors tried and failed to destroy us thousands of years ago (Purim). We know from that story, the most efficient way of saving our nation is through prayer and grassroots political action- however, in our time, it’s very difficult to imagine how we can do this. Luckily, we need to look no further than our weekly parsha for inspiration and advice on how to deal with inconsistent and unreliable gentile leaders.

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