Vayishlach- Clarifying Completeness

Less than thirteen years ago, life in the United States felt like Cloud Nine, almost detached from the rest of the world where wars were being fought and terrorist attacks were being perpetrated. Existence was simply about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. On September 11, 2001, the USA rejoined the real the world of global wars that fought on the home front as well, and while this feeling lasted for a while, things eventually returned to their detached normalcy. Recently, things have once again taken a turn for the worse as random acts of violence began to erupt throughout the country; a shooting in a movie theater in Colorado last year, killings in Sandy Hook Elementary School almost eleven months ago, and more recently, shootings in the Garden State Mall in Paramus, New Jersey, and in Bryant Park in New York.  While there were thankfully no casualties in the two recent incidents, the false  sense of security that many feel in the United States is beginning to fade again, but this time for more scary reasons. Twelve years ago, the metaphoric bubble-bursting was perpetrated by terrorists in the name of global Jihad- now, these attacks seem to be increasingly random with very little motive linking them, making them even more unpredictable and intimidating. While many will use this an opportunity to crawl under their beds and wait in the fetal position until salvation comes, the Jewish People have an inherent obligation to look beyond themselves for a deeper meaning in these menacing incidents. Luckily, we need look no further than our weekly parsha (Torah reading) for inspiration.

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