Aliyah L’Regel: Trusting Time, and Faith to Follow

This D’var Torah is based off of an idea published in the hot-off-the-press “Al Harishonim: Shabbos & Moadim” by Rav Aryeh Brueckheimer In the context of the parsha of the Mo’adim in Parshat Mishpatim, the chagim are related to their location in the agricultural cycle of the year- Pesach is “chag ha’aviv,” Shavuot isn’t even […]


21:25– After Yitzchak’s miraculous birth, Avimelech, king of Gerar, approaches Avraham with his military general Pichol, and they request to enter into a covenant of peace with our forefather. Magnanimously putting aside his complicated history with the Pelishti King (actually, their history was pretty straightforward… the latter abducted our matriarch Sarah, and then put the […]

Lech Lecha- Fulfilling the ENTIRE Brit

17:7– In Hashem’s last communication to Avram in this sedra, He commands our forefather in brit milah. In return, Hashem promises to be a G-d to Avram, his children and all of their descendants (Sforno adds that even descendants who “become lost” from our faith are still included). He also promises Avram’s Eretz Migurim, described […]

Lech Lecha- Crying out in the Name of Hashem

12:8– As our first forefather follows Hashem’s call of Lech Lecha, he travels around the Land of Cana’an, stopping in different cities and, according to Rashi, encircling the land as a declaration of ownership. Avram’s first stop is Elonei Mamrei, and he then travels to Bet El, where he builds another mizbe’ach and there also […]